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Thomas is also a prolific writer, blogger and photographer. He shoots street and travel photography as well as maintaining a portfolio of landscape and nature and abstract photography. As a designer, animator and visual effects artist working in television and film, he feels that the disciplines often cross paths. His love of all things visual though had always pushed him towards photography.

The ability to capture a moment in time and freeze it for all to see became an ever-increasing love and so his skills as a designer and artist bled into his love of photography. Combining the two disciplines, Thomas uses photography as a tool for artistic expression.

Thomas is also a writer specialising in photography related instructional books as well as travel writing. His recent book "Mastering Aperture" has consistently garnered 5 star reviews on Amazon. Thomas is also a Lightroom, Photoshop and Aperture expert and his photography websites regularly attracts thousands of readers from around the world.




Thomas is also experienced in shooting video and specialises in using small cameras to gather footage in unique situations. He is also experienced with shooting and producing self contained content for social media, and is also a regular Vlogger and posts tutorials and regular content on his YouTube Channel.

The example below is from a personal project which has approx 40,000 Views on social media.

A Short Film about Dublin City, my home city. Over the years I've accumulated quite a bit of footage of Dublin City and I wanted to do something with it so I began putting this little video together a while ago. I've been playing with the edit on and off for months, spending few hours here and there tweaking. There is footage spanning the last 5 years or so, shot on lots of different cameras and It's not in any way meant to be a comprehensive look at Dublin. Instead it's a visual poem of sorts, showing a peaceful and pretty side of the city as I see it.