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Telling stories through visual images
Design & Motion

Photo by Mary Fitzgerald: When not working, my other passion: Coffee

Photo by Mary Fitzgerald: When not working, my other passion: Coffee


About the artist...

With over 15 years’ experience in graphics design, my work has featured on RTÉ, BBC and ITV as well as in several films. Giving life to an image and seeing how a story unfolds is one of things I love about animation. Simple effective design has always fascinated me and it something I always strive towards.

I don’t just do design, I balance it with my personal creative work. I have been passionate about photography since I was old enough to use a camera. For most of my youth and my adult life I have carried a camera with me. Eventually photography became part of my work portfolio. My photos have featured on book covers as well as national advertising campaigns and I am also a contributing photographer for iStock photo as well as maintaining my own stock library of licensable artistic photography. Photography for me, will always be the image, that one moment of time captured. 

Technique is also important for photography and through my work, I have been able to combine my love of design, photography and writing to produce books and technical guides on making great photos. Most recently, this has evolved into instructional videos which have had thousands of views.

The world around us is beautiful and complex, digging below the shiny surfaces and exteriors gives a real insight into the rich tapestry that makes up our daily lives. My work aims to shine a light on this.